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ROTA today is the combination of almost 100 years of “German Technology” tradition and the latest innovation in polymer materials produced in Trelleborg’s R&D Labs.

As a premium brand of Trelleborg, Rota represents top quality products, giving maximum reliability and high cost-efficiency.

The whole product range has been developed in close collaboration with Forklift Manufacturers in order to fully comply with the severe demands of the OEM market.

Four worldwide Research & Development hubs allow Rota tires to take advantage of the latest technology such as advanced nanoscale studies: nanotechnologies, acting on atomic scale, are applied to compound research in order to obtain higher energy efficiency and enhanced wear resistance.

Moreover, a team of experienced Field Engineers is in charge for product application examinations, in field tests and surveys.

Trelleborg’s global resources allow us to meet any challenge and solve any specific requirement for our customers.
Rota’s genetic heritage: Technology and Performance.

Major features

  • High load capacity
  • Abrasion-resistant tread compound
  • Firm grip and high traction
  • Long life-expectancy
  • Extended wear
  • Cool running, heat build up reduced up to 10%
  • Low rolling resistance for reduced energy consumption
  • High stability
  • The oil free rubber compound anticipates the EU Directive


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