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Orca tire is developed with the latest technology.

Quality compounds and a modern and highly functional design guarantee an attractive product with economical benefits: long mileage, low energy consumption and excellent cut resistance.

The highly modern design of the tread pattern is developed for optimal grip and good traction; the good contact area assures high stability both for equipment, payloads and operators, hence maximum safety and lower stress on tires.

Orca tires, available in popular sizes and in different versions (LOC-NON LOC nose retaining bead for easy mounting), are suitable for use in mild industrial applications giving an optimal ratio costs/performance.

Major features

  • Premium Compounds
  • Long mileage
  • Low energy consumption
  • Cut resistance
  • High reliability
  • Modern design of the tread
  • Optimal Grip
  • Good traction
  • Available in popular sizes


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