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Bias OTR Range

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Trelleborg Bias OTR Range

Trelleborg Bias OTR Tire range provides a practical solution for mining and earthmoving industries. As your total solutions provider, Trelleborg offers four OTR tire profiles to suite your application needs.

Tecnical data

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Contractor F-3

The Contractor F-3 is designed for use on Back Hoes (front). This wide profile tire offers greater surface area for better stability. The reinforced sidewall with curb and rim guard helps extend tire life by reducing sidewall damage.

Rock Lug E3/L3

The Rock Lug E3/L3 is designed for use on Wheel Loaders. This tread pattern is designed to provide extended wear. The longer life will help reduce the total cost of ownership while increasing efficiency and productivity.

Road Grader G-2

The Road Grader G2 is designed for use on Graders, Telehandles and Boom Lifts. This self-cleaning profile offers a large footprint that provides flotation on soft surfaces. Durable nylon construction provides strength and resistance to impact damage.

Industrial R-4

The Industrial R-4 is designed for use on Back Hoes (rear).
This profile has an extra-wide lug which provides increased chip and chunk resistance.
The wide wall and rim guard help extend the life of this tire.


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